About Us

Our Company “LTM” is created in 1993. In the beginning the main activity was design and manufacturing of Control Boards and Keyboards. In effect we expand the company. In 2006 we began with design and manufacturing of Printed Circuit Boards. In 2009 we start with surface-mount technology (SMD).

Now we obtain the following departments:

– “Department for manufacturing of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)” – we design and manufacture single sided, double sided and multilayer PCBs; flexible PCBs; in combination PCBs.

– “Department for SMD”- we also manufacture SMD assembly stencils.

– “Department for design and manufacture of keyboards” – this is one of our major activities; we design and manufacture different control boards, keyboards-membrane and capacitive; control boards on metal, plastics, polycarbonate and polyester foil, glass, PVC and other materials.

– “Department for Screen and Stamp Printing” – we print on different materials (materials for advertising, electronic components and others.

– “Department for Chemical and Mechanical engraving” – engraving of advertising and information boards; milling, working and polishing of acrylic, epoxy glass, etc.

– “Department for design and manufacturing of Electronic Equipment” – design and elaboration automation manufacture systems; design and elaboration of security systems; access control systems; laser barriers; power controllers; light effect controllers; Electronic Game room Systems (electronic roulette, bingo, automated game machines).