PCBs and stencils


Production of printed circuit boards (PCBs) – single-layer, double-layer, multilayer, flexible PCBs

In order to prepare an offer for the production of PCBs, please send the following min. information:
– files for production of PCBs (Sprint-Layout, PROTEL, Eagle, Altium, Proteus, CADSTAR, ORCAD) *;
– quantity / pieces;
– technological requirements.

* the client does not need to generate Gerber and Drill files


Production of stencils

– production technology: etching
– material: stainless steel
– thickness: 150um

Front panels and keyboards


Design and manufacturing of front panels from metal, plastic, plastic, polycarbonate and polyester foil, glass, PVC and other materials

Design and manufacturing of membrane and capacitive keyboards

Assembly of electronics

PCB assembly – small to medium series

Production of final customer specified products


Pad and screen printing

Pad printing for labeling of advertising materials, electronic components, marking of different details

Screen printing on various materials


Chemical and mechanical engraving


Engraving of advertising and information boards

Milling, processing and polishing of plexiglass, fiberglass and other materials

Lighting and electronic equipment

Production of street, industrial, household lighting

Design and manufacturing of automated production and security systems

Electronic equipment for gaming halls

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